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Geona Tehnica Agricola SRL is a young company on the local market of agricultural services providers in 2017.
The company started its activity with smaller works, but by the quality of the execution and the seriousness with which the requests and contractual commitments were addressed to the clients, have at least brought the trust capital to recommend it for new collaborations.
The company has the ability to adapt quickly to requirements changing customers. Geona Tehnica Agricola is a dynamic company, keen to strengthen its position on the market segment on which it operates through work executions whose reference element is QUALITY.
The company Geona Tehnica Agricola SRL deals with the marketing of products manufactured in France, recognized for quality and performance as well as other parts of the range of agricultural machinery.
The service is provided by Geona Tehnica Agricola, only to INFACO customers, through operations supported by the latest information and systems, so the service time to be reduced and the customer satisfied.
For farmers operating in the fruit and wine sector, GEONA TEHNICA AGRICOLA SRL offers products dedicated to the sectors manufactured by INFACO - France.

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