The electronic shears Electrocoup F3015

The ELECTROCOUP F3015 electric pruning shears are the new reference. A tool designed for pruning professionals, the F3015 positioned itself in line with its predecessors as a reliable, high-quality tool, approved by all its users throughout the world.

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Tying device A3M V2

The A3M V2.0 is an electrical tying device that makes vine tying easy. This machine is highly versatile for single or double Guyot or bowed vine training.

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Motorised handle versatile Powercoup PW2

The POWERCOUP PW2 is simultaneously a saw, an arborist chainsaw, a hedge trimmer, an olive harvester, a desuckering tool and a blossom thinner.

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Geona tehnica agricola

Geona Tehnica Agricola SRL is a young company on the local market of agricultural services providers in 2017.
The company started its activity with smaller works, but by the quality of the execution and the seriousness with which the requests and contractual commitments were addressed to the clients, have at least brought the trust capital to recommend it for new collaborations.


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This team is soo good that I can't believe it

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